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Attic Insulation Chicago, IL

Why Should You Consider Attic Insulation Chicago, IL?         

Air Quality Your attic is likely ventilated with roof vents and exhaust fans. This does provide excellent heat exhaust but it is a two edged sword. It also can also bring or allow in dirt, dust, mild, mildew and other irritants. When SMART Attic Insulation Chicago applies a hefty layer of insulation foam to your attic it prevents those irritants from getting inside your home.

Indoor Comfort If your second floor is 10-15 degrees warmer than your first floor you need SMART Attic Insulation Chicago to beef up your attic insulation to reduce your AC and heat loss. This will keep your entire house more comfy and cozy!

Safer House By reducing your heat buildup with insulation foam you extend the life of your roof deck and shingles, preventing moisture from seeping into your interior walls, causing mold and erosion.

Things To Know Before Attic Insulation Chicago, IL         

Assessing The Current State

A standard step prior to attic insulation Chicago professional contractors perform, is an inspection of the state of the attic. They can identify issues like humidity and mold, or deteriorated rafters resulting from moisture damage. This is often caused by a water leak, which your insulation contractor will address before installing new insulation. 

Sealing The Area

Professional insulation contractors Chicago know how important it is to seal the attic air. A successful attic insulation involves getting rid of every hole, crack or tiny space that allows exchange of air with the exterior to keep a steady, controlled temperature. Your attic will still need ventilation. 

Choosing The Insulation Technique

Now that the air is sealed, it’s time to select the type of insulation: blow-in cellulose, batt (fiberglass, mineral wool or cotton) or spray foam insulation.

Aspects To Consider

There are three elements to consider when choosing insulation: R-value, available space and cost. The first refers to the thermal resistance rate of the material. A higher R-value provides better insulation. Ask the best insulation contractor at SMART Attic Insulation Chicago for the ideal attic insulation solution for your project.